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ContextShare Upload

This page describes the desktop extension “ContextShare Upload”.

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ContextShare Upload

The desktop extension “ContextShare” makes it possible to upload and download resources from the ProjectWise ContextShare Storage Account.
To upload resources to Orbit 3DM Cloud, see 3D Mapping Cloud Upload.

ProjectWise ContextShare

Bentley's ProjectWise ContextShare relies on Bentley's Cloud Services and is used for storing, sharing, and streaming reality data resources.

More information about ProjectWise ContextShare, see Bentley Communities, Introduction to ProjectWise ContextShare.

Bentley Connection Client

Bentley's Connection Client software provides runtime components required for applications to access Bentley Cloud Services.
The Connection Client has to be installed, running, and connected.

The Bentley Connection Client is bundled with Orbit 3DM Installers downloaded from Bentley Software downloads. If you do not have the latest installed, then download Connection Client here.


The “Connect” button interacts with Bentley's Connection Client to log in to your Bentley Connect account.
Once connected, the ProjectWise ContextShare Projects for which you are an explicit Team Member are listed. Maximum 1000 projects are listed 1). Search and select a project to continue.
The “Open Portal” button becomes available upon selecting a Project to directly access the ContextShare Web Portal. Use the Portal to list, manage and consume ContextShare Reality Data associated with the selected project.


Select an Action “New”, “Update” or “Download”.

  • New: Upload a Local Resource as a new ContextShare Reality Data.
  • Update: Upload a Local Resource as an update of an existing ContextShare Reality Data.
  • Download: Download of ContextShare Reality data.

Reality Data

Available for Update and Download Action.

Lists the available ContextShare Reality Data within the selected Project.
Select a ContextShare Reality Data to Update using a Local Resource or to Download.

Local Resource Origin

Available for New and Update Action.

Select the local resource reference “Catalog”, “File” or “Directory”.

  • Catalog: Upload resources managed by the local Catalog.
  • File: Upload single-file resource. Multi-file resources must be uploaded using “Directory”.
  • Directory: Upload all files in a directory, and optionally subdirectories:
    • a) all files of a specific single-file resource storage format (e.g. multiple LASzip resource files).
    • b) all files part of one multi-file resource storage format (e.g. all files of one Web-Ready 3D Scalable Mesh resource).

Use of “Catalog” as Local Resource Origin is advised to upload resources intended for web consumption (viewing/streaming). The “Catalog” verifies if a resource is web-ready and prevents uploading resources that cannot be consumed in the Reality Data Web Viewer, Photo Navigation, or 3DM Viewer.

Use “File” or “Directory” as Local Resource Origin to upload resources intended for archiving or file-sharing.

Local Resources

Available for “New” and “Update” Action using “Catalog” Local Resource Origin.

Lists “Catalog” resources that are a) 3DM Viewer compatible and b) Available, see Catalog.

File Selection

Available for “New” and “Update” Action using “File” or “Directory” Local Resource Origin.

Specify the Storage format and select a single file:

  • File Upload
    Select the file of the selected storage format.
  • Directory Upload, single-file resource
    Select a file representing the selected storage format. All files of this storage format inside the directory will be uploaded.
  • Directory Upload, multi-file resource
    Select the root file of the selected storage format.

Resource Details

Available for “New” and “Update” Action.

Review the metadata of the selected local resource and, optionally, update the name of the resources to be used in ContextShare.

Target Directory

Available for “Download” Action only.

Specify the local directory to download the selected ContextShare Reality Data.

New, Update, Download

Start the selected Action immediately or delegate it to the Task Manager.


The “ContextShare” tab lists all resources registered in the selected ContextShare Project.


Relevant Tutorals, see howtoguides

From version 22.4, maximum 1000 projects are listed. Older versions list maximum 100 projects
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