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Split DataSets

This page describes the tool “Split DataSets”.

Tools > Split DataSets


Splitting is the GIS operation that consists of breaking a dataset into different output datasets.


Set the source file via drag & drop or browse to the file location.


Set the target directory for the result datasets.

  • Browse to the directory or drag and drop the folder into the target field.
  • Optionally when target file already exists, overwrite the existing file.
  • Optionally when processing is completed, add optimized resource automatically to the dataset list.


Split Dataset by:

  • Model and table
    Datasets will be split according to the models and their Attribute Sets.
  • Attribute
    Vector datasets will be split by the value of the selected attribute. For every value, a new dataset is created.
  • Area
    Vector and pointcloud dataset will be split the selected or added area. For every area, a new dataset is created.
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