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Preferences of Roadmark Detection

This page describes only the parameters and preferences of Roadmark Detector.
Full documentation about semi-automatic detectors, see Basic 3D Measurement Functions.
General concepts of Detectors Preferences, see Preferences of Detectors.



Search Margin

The horizontal margin to search for the next segment.

Mark Width Max

The maximum width of a mark.

Mark Width Min

The minimum width of a mark.

Segment Sections Length

A segment of the road MARK(?)is detected by detecting multiple adjacent small sections.

Segm Section Ground Margin

Ground margin for segments sections of line.

Segment Section Side Step

The position of a small section is projected from the previous, then moved sideways by this side step.

Reflectivity Threshold

The reflectivity threshold to get a new segment is a percentage of the average intensity of last segment points.

Dashed Lines

High Reflective Pts Percentage

Use this percentage of higher reflectivities to calculate next reflectivity threshold. eg. next threshold is the average intensity of 10% higher intense point multiplied by intensity threshold parameter.

Consecutive Segs Null Max

Maximum number of consecutive null segments.

PC Pixel Size

Increase pixel size to reduce number of point cloud points used.

Solid Lines: Gap Distance Max

The length of the maximum gap on a solid road mark.


Feature Lengt Max

The maximum length for a feature. Detection continues as far as possible if this value is zero.

Final line Distance Points

Distance between the points on the final line

Dashed Lines: Resturn Dashed Line Segments

Should a dashed line be segmented into its units?

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