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Preferences of Pole Attachments Detection

This page describes only the parameters and preferences of Pole Attachment measurements.
Full documentation about concept, workflow and sidebar, see Automated Feature Extraction. General concepts of Detectors Preferences, see Preferences of Detectors.


Search Ring Radius

Radius around to pole to search for attachments.

Search Ring Thickness

Thickness of the ring to search for attachments.

Pole Ground Margin

Margin above the ground to search for attachments. Ground is the minimum Z value of the pole.

Pole Top Margin

Margin above the top of the pole to search for attachments.

Cluster Distance

Distance used to cluster points.

Cluster Points Minimum

Number of used points to create clusters.

Pole Search Radius

The radius around the measured coordinate to detect the pole.

Pole Slice Size

The size of horizontal slices used to get the inclination of the pole.

Get Attachments

Compute pole attachments.

Apply Cable Detector

Try to identify at cables as pole attachments. Extra parameters to return cable and/or other attachments.


Define which points of pole are printed: the measured coordinate of the pole, the bottom and/or the top of the pole. Attachments can be printed and snapped to the pole/branche.

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