Preferences of Editing

This page describes the preferences related to the Map 2D Edit Tools and its Snap function.

Main Toolbar > Preferences > Editing
Map 2D > Main Toolbar > Tools > Edit > Preferences

Snap Behavior

Activate snapping and set the basic snap behavior.

  • Enable Snapping in XY
  • Snap to Snapping in Z
  • Snap proximity in XY
    Set the snap search radius for XY coordinates, expressed as maximum number of pixels on screen.
  • Snap Proximity in Z on Map 3D
    Set the snap search radius for Z coordinate, expressed as absolute Z value.

Snap to Objects

Activate snapping to Vector Dataset and choose the objects to be taken into account for snapping

  • Snap to object Vertices
  • Snap to object Segments
  • Snap to Selected Objects only
  • Snap to all Objects of the Active Dataset
  • Snap to all Objects of all Visibile Datasets

Snap to Constructions

Activate snapping to Constructions.

  • Snap to Construction Points
  • Snap to Construction Lines
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