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Preferences of Automated Pole Detection

This page describes only the parameters and preferences of Automated Pole Detection.
Full documentation about concept, workflow and sidebar, see Poles Analysis. General concepts of Detectors Preferences, see Preferences of Detectors.

Basic Parameters

Neighborhood Dist
The distance in the XY plane that shouldn't contain another pole.

Slice Thickness
The thickness of the slices in which the algorithm will detect the pole.

Height Min
The minimum height of the detected pole.

Diameter Min
The minimum diameter of the detected pole.

Diameter Max
The maximum diameter of the detected pole.

Remove Trees/ Signs
The option to exclude or include trees and signs in the pole detection.

Fence Slices Min
The minimum percentage of slices that have to be identified as a fence to classify the pole as being part of a fence.

Ground Offset
Maximum distance from the bottom of the pole to the ground surface.

Pole Points Min
The minimum number of point cloud points a detected pole has to contain.

Advanced Parameters

Cell size
The size of the cell used for the scanning grid.

Cell size overlap
The overlap of cells on the scanning grid.

Cell points min
The minimum number of points required in a scanning grid cell.

Histogram Cell Size
The size of a cell from the histogram grid.

Slice Overlap
Percentage of Z slices' height to overlap each other, allowing consecutive slices to be similar.

Pole Gap Max
The maximum vertical gap in the point cloud for a pole.

Height Max
The maximum height of a pole.

Proximity Distance
The maximum distance in the XY plane between the cluster and the individual point to be added to the cluster.

Ground Margin
If the terrain is not exactly flat next to the pole (high grass or other noise next to pole) the ground margin defines “thickness of the ground”.

Remove poles not on the ground
Remove poles that are distant from the ground.

Circle Ration Min
The ration of two perpendicular diameters of a circle. A perfect circle has ratio 1.

Mask Cell Size
Cell size of masking grid on a slice.

Diam Exceeded Max
The maximum percentage of slices for which the candidate pole can exceed the maximum diameter.

Mask Matching Min
Minimum average “consecutive mask comparison” percentage.

Tree Stalk Height Min
Minimum height for the stalk of a tree.

Tree Slice Z Size
Z-slice to be used to identify the Crown of a tree.

Tree Slice Circle Ratio Min
The ration between two perpendicular diameters of a sliced tree. A perfect circle has ratio 1.

Sign Thickness Max
Maximum thickness for a sign, measured in depth.

Sign Diam Min
Minimum average diameter for a sign.

Sign Relative Z size Max
Relation to the total pole height.

Get point cloud selection mergec
Get a selection file with the detected features.

Get point cloud selection
Get a selection file with the points belonging to the detected feature.


  1. Small pole close to the big one might not be found as it will not show a density peak at the location of a smaller pole. Parameter to change to have higher probability to find the small pole as well: Histogram Cell Size.
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