This is documentation of an archived release.
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Preferences of Shape 2D Detection

Advanced parameters

  • Reflectivity Min: Minimum reflectivity threshold to detect signs with.
  • Proximity Distance: The proximity distance to cluster points together.
  • Cluster PTS Min: The minimum amount of points to start a cluster.
  • Initial Match Percent Min: The minimal initial match percentage when looking for a candidate detection.
  • Match Percent Min: The minimal match percentage for a template detection.
  • Neighboorhood Dist: The Neighboorhood distance.
  • Fine Neighboorhood Dist: The distance around a projection to compare points in and out.
  • Sign Pts Min: The minimum number of points for a feature.
  • Ground Cell Size: The size for a ground cell, used to identify ground height.
  • Ground Margin: The margin to get points above lowest coordinate within ground cell.
  • XY Step Size: The step size to reposition the projection.
  • Angle Step Size: The step size to rotate the projection
  • Point Cloud Pixel Size: When zero all the points cloud points will be used.
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