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Preferences of Antenna Detection

This page describes only the parameters and preferences of the Antenna Detector.
Full documentation about semi-automatic detectors, see Basic 3D Measurement Functions. General concepts of Detectors Preferences, see Preferences of Detectors.

Feature Extraction and Feature Extraction Pro
Main Toolbar > Preferences > Detectors > Antenna Detection


Search Radius 2D
The 2D search radius around the user coordinates to get the antenna.

Search Radius Z
The Z radius around the user coordinates to get the antenna.

Z Slice Size
The height of the horizontal slices used to detect the antenna.

Proximity Distance
The proximity distance used for clustering of slice points.

Profile Outline Step
The step used to create the profile outline of the first slice of points.

Reposition Step
The step used to reposition the profile to best match the different slices of the antenna.

Reposition Step Max
The maximum step to reposition the profile to match a horizontal slice of points. This distance also limits the maximum inclination of an antenna.

Outline Match Percent Min
The minimum match percentage of the antenna profile to a slice of points.


Get pointcloud selection: enables creating a pointcloud selection file with the detected feature.

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