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Plugin configuration for Local Viewer SDK

This page describes how to configure the use of a Local copy of the Viewer SDK, connecting to the on-premises Orbit Publisher, for offline use or to support an insecure connection between Plugin-Viewer SDK and Publisher service.

The plugin can be configured to connect to a local 3DM Publisher. E.g. to be loaded offline, without connecting to the online CDN, or to avoid HTTPS-HTTP mixed content issues when connecting secure Https to the CDN and insecure Http to the local Publisher.

A plugin configuration file needs to be added to point the plugin to the local Publisher.

Underneath is the configuration file for every available offline plugin:

This ini-file has to be copied to the folder C:\plugins on the machine where the host application is installed. The localhost and port in the publisher URL can be modified to the specs of the installed 3DM Publisher.

An extra line default.attribute.value.MyAttribute=MyValue can be added to this configuration file to set a default value for an attribute. In the example underneath, the default value for the attribute 'type' will be 'cable' when saving a measurement from the 3D Mapping Viewer to a layer.

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