Orbit 3DM Publisher Advanced Configurations

This page is a glossary and bundles technical documentation about the “publisher_3dm” service and some advanced configurations.

Autologin using Response Header

Create a single-sign-on experience by injecting username/password in the response header using a proxy server.

This is the sequence of verifications completed by the 3DM Viewer to access a Publication. Once access is granted, the Publication opened:

  1. Guest User access, without Login credentials.
  2. Named User access, Login via Username/Password obtained from the “X-Orbit-Autologin” response header.
  3. Named User access, Login via Username/Password entered by the user via the login panel.

If this request to access a Publication as a Guest Users fails, the availability of the “X-Orbit-Autologin” response header will be checked. If this header is found, the 3DM Viewer performs a Named User Login with the credentials as available in the response header. If this Named User Login fails, the 3DM Viewer will show the “invalid credentials” error and fall back to the Named User Login Panel with the provided credentials pre-filled.

“X-Orbit-Autologin” response header needs to contain a base64-encoded string of the form “<username>:<password>”.

X-Orbit-Autologin: dGVzdDp0ZXN0MTIz

Pseudocode example (user=test,pwd=test123)
base64(“test:test123”) == “dGVzdDp0ZXN0MTIz

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