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Notes on Geocoding Plugins

When using the Orbit WebClient using the Javascript API you can make use of a client-side “Geocode Plugin”. These plugins can be used to let the user of a Publication reverse geocode a location.

Add/Remove Plugins

Geocode plugins are stored here :


Adding or removing plugins on the Publisher server is as easy as adding or removing files from this folder. Each geocoding plugins is defined by this set of files :

  • <plugin-name>.js : The javascript implementation.
  • <plugin-name>.png : The icon (must be 32×32 pixels).

Implementing Plugins

When implementing a geocoding plugin, you can expect this object to exist :

  • orbit.webclient.GeocodePlugin

Your implementation should provide the following objects :

  • Object : orbit.webclient.GeocodePlugin.<plugin-name>
  • Function : orbit.webclient.GeocodePlugin.<plugin-name>.geocode()


Signature : geocode(query,handleResult,handleFault).

 * Implements the geocoding request.
 * @param query the user query string.
 * @param handleResult the function to call when geocoding results arrive.
 * @param handleFault the function to call when an error occurs.
orbit.webclient.GeocodePlugins.<plugin-name>.geocode = function(query,handleResult,handleFault) 
   // ...

When a geocoding result is found, the plugin should call handleResult(results) :

  • results : An array of result objects.
    Each item in the array should have these properties :
    • coordinate : object with x and y properties defining a coordinate. (x=longitude, y=latitude).
    • crs : the crs code (the epsg code, for example 4326 for Lat/Lon).
    • boundingbox : the bounding box (optional)
      • minx
      • miny
      • maxx
      • maxy

When an error occurs, the plugin should call handleFault(error) :

  • error : An object with error details.
    The 'error' object has these properties :
    • code : a code defining the error.
      Possible values :
      • query_limit_reached : the service returned that a limitation of some kind prevents it from returning results.
      • network_error : an error occurred on the network-level.
      • no_permission : the service returned that a permission problem occurred.
      • service_error : an error occurred on the server side.
      • plugin_error : an error occurred on the plugin side.
    • message : a message describing the error in more detail in english.
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