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How can I speed up the rendering of the point cloud?

Location of data

The data should be saved on a local drive preferably. If the data are stored on a network drive, make sure that the connection to the network is stable and fast.

More information: Requirements for Orbit Desktop

Orbit formats

All data opened in Orbit software, should be in an Orbit format.

More information: Supported Geodata Resources, Optimize Data

Legend options

When visualizing the point cloud as an overlay on the images, update the view depth in the legend editor. In most cases, a view depth of max 30 to 50 meters is more than enough to see all the points of your interest.

More information: Dataset Legend Editor

Measurement settings

Make sure your measurement technique is set to 'Point cloud closest point' or lower the value for Search Radius when using 'Point Cloud Flat surface intersection' or 'Point Cloud Ridges and Corners'.

More information: 3D Measurements


Set the Map CRS to the CRS of the point cloud.

More information: Coordinate Reference Systems

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