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Orbit Server Installation

This page describes the clean installation of an Orbit Server product.
Documentation on the update of an Orbit Server, see Orbit Server Update 20.X.

The installation of an Orbit Server is always in cooperation with the Orbit Support.


A well-prepared installation will take no longer than 10 minutes.

Verify Server Requirements

Review the hardware and operating system specifications and requirements :


A registered Orbit account will be required to manage your licenses.
If you do not have your own account, complete and confirm your registration. Check your junk mail, the confirmation email might be blocked by your spam filter.

Request Activation Key

  • Request your Activation Key to validate your updated Product, contact Sales at Orbit GT.
  • Read the updated license system, online connectivity is required : Orbit Online License Activation.

Download Installation Package

Download the installation package according the purchased product.
Make sure you download the package according your order. If you doubt which package to download, contact Orbit Support.

  • Login: OrbitSetups
  • Password : OrbitGT!
  • Update package :
    • orbit_mm_feature_extraction_[version]_[operating system]_[date].zip
    • orbit_mm_publisher_[version]_[operating system]_[date].zip
    • orbit_oblique_publisher_[version]_[operating system]_[date].zip

Unzip to the preferred installation directory.


Review Server Configurations

Some custom configurations might be reset. Compare the following configuration with the backup :

    ..\server\program\bin64\ServiceInstall.bat (Edit e.g. with Notepad)

Install and Start Orbit Service

  1. Install the Orbit Service, read more : Orbit Enterprise Service
    ../server/program/bin64 > ServiceInstall.bat (Run as administrator)
  2. Start the Orbit Service
    ../server/program/bin64 > ServiceStart.bat (Run as administrator)
  3. Verify started “Orbit Enterprise Service”
    Operating System Services > Status of “Orbit Enterprise Service” should be “Started”

Activate Product

  1. Activate your product using your Product Activation Key :
    EOS Console : EOS Console > License
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