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What's New Version 20.1

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3DM Cloud

New Features & Enhancements

New Features and Enhancements Viewer

  • Slice View
    New sidebar to create Vertical, Horizontal and Free Slices based on the 3D Point Cloud View.
  • Image Play Function
    Set speed of play function: Slow, Normal and Fast via Viewer Settings.
  • Measurement Downloads
    Additional download formats for saved measurements: WellknownText, GeoJason and already existing Kml are available
  • Fly Sidebar
    Redesign and update of the 3D View fly-through. 3D Fly-paths can be exchanged between Orbit desktop and Cloud.
  • Geocoding Search
    Clear and autocomplete Google geocoding search.
  • Publication Statistics
    View the usage statics of Named and Guest Users by hour, day, week and month.
  • User Management
    Redesign of User invite and management pages. Invite multiple users at once. Avoid sending invite confirmation mailing.
  • Handling large pages
    Improved performance and organisation of large pages. Maximum 50 records displayed by page.


  • Updated icons for Vector data Inspector and Image Metadata to avoid confusing.
  • Simplified grouping of actions to copy Html, Url and Toke of a Publication.
  • Various minor Viewer UI-fixes, like the vector data loading indicator, tooltips, help menu, access to Marketplace, …

Bug fixes

  • Select and Focus to Annotation Objects.
  • Various minor Viewer bug-fixes
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