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Orbit Desktop Startup Configurations

This glossary page bundels all system startup configurations which cannot be set via the user interface Preferences Panel.

Open and edit the system configuration files using a simple text editor (e.g. Notepad).
Restart Orbit to take advantage of the updated configurations.

Download Time-Out

Configuration to set Url connect and download time-out.

  • File : <install_folder>/program/config/orbit.ini
  • Parameters :
    • urldownloader.timeout.connect
  • Value : Milliseconds as integer value
  • Default Value : 60000
  • Increase value : if due to special internet checks and restrictions applicable in some countries the connection with the Orbit Online Licence Server is not possible or lost, the value can be increased to several times the default value
  • Example
    urldownloader.timeout.connect      120000         120000


Configuration to set charset.

The charset is used to read and write the Attribute Component of Vector Data.
The System Charset is overruled by the optional Dataset Code Page definition file at reading the Dataset Attribute Component.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Configuration to set custom Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • File : <Orbit installation directory>/program/config/orbit.language.ini
  • Parameter : List of all actions and functions available for keyboard Shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts Repository.
  • Value : Keystroke value
  • Example : S RIGHT
    interactive.pointeditor.add.point.mnemonic I
    ext_panorama.measure.control.panel.button.point.mnemonic G N


Configuration to set language and load available translations.

Orbit Support manages the english tags, partners maintain other available translations.
Feedback on english tags, contact If you would like to adjust, complete or start a translations, contact

  • File : <install_folder>/program/config/orbit.ini
  • Parameter : system.languagename
  • Value : arabic, deutsch, english, espagnol, francais, greek, hebrew, lithuanian, nederlands, polski, russian, simplified_chinese, turkce.
  • Default Value : english
  • Example for Spanish
    system.languagename       espagnol   

Map-Tab split ratio

Configuration to set split screen ratio of Map and Tabs at start up.

  • File : <install_folder>/program/config/orbit.ini
  • Parameter : app.element.orbitgis_extensions_tab.parameter_value
  • Value range : 0.00 - 1.00
  • Example
    app.element.orbitgis_extensions_tab.parameter_value 0.80


Configuration to set minimum and maximum memory usage.

Get more Orbit out of your powerful machine by increasing the maximum memory amount (RAM) that can be used by Orbit.
All Orbit products operate 64Bit. The maximum memory you can allocate to Orbit depends on the hardware. Reserve at least 2GB for the Operating System.

At installation, Orbit is configured to maximally use 6GB Memory.
We do advise to set a minimum and maximum amount of memory. At startup, Orbit will take the minimum amount of memory if it's available. During processing, Orbit will take up to the maximum amount of memory.
If no maximum is set, Orbit will allocate 1/4 of the total available memory.

  • File : <install_folder>/program/bin/Orbit.ini
  • Parameter :
    • Minimum RAM :-Xms[Value]m
    • Maximum RAM :-Xmx[Value]m
  • Value : expressed in Mega Bytes,
    • 4GB : -Xmx4096m
    • 6GB : -Xmx6144m
    • 8GB : -Xmx8192m
  • Example
    [..]\jre\bin\javaw.exe -Xms4096m -Xmx4096m -splash:...

OVT Writer

Configuratie to write *.ovt resource files that are compatible with Orbit version 17.0 and older.
At installation, the newest *.ovt files, that are compatible with Orbit's 3D Mapping Cloud, are created.

  • File : <install_folder>/program/config/orbit.ini
  • Parameter : ovt.writer.old
  • Value : true or false
  • Default value : false
  • Example
    ovt.writer.old    true


Configuration to set Http or Https Proxy arguments for Orbit Java JRE VM.

  • File : <install_folder>/program/bin/Orbit.ini
    Add proxy configuration in between the -Xmx and -splash arguments.
  • Parameters for Http : -Dhttp.proxyHost, Dhttp.proxyPort, Dhttp.proxyUser, Dhttp.proxyPassword
  • Parameters for Https : -Dhttps.proxyHost, Dhttps.proxyPort, Dhttps.proxyUser, Dhttps.proxyPassword
  • Example for Https

Window Position

The position on screen of Orbit Windows (main frame, preference panel, dataset properties, crs selection, … ) is automatically saved and re-used at next display of the given Orbit Window.
If the last used position on screen is no longer available, e.g. 2nd monitor is not attached, the Orbit Window might not be accessible.
Hereby the steps to reset the the position on screen for all Orbit Windows :

  1. Close Orbit
  2. Delete Widow configuration file : %localappdata%/Orbit/<Product>/settings/window.ini
  3. Restart Orbit
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