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Orbit Server Update 20.X

This page describes the update of an Orbit 3DM Publisher and Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Client/Server.
Documentation on the installation of a Server, see Orbit Server Installation.

The update of an Orbit Server is recommended to be done in cooperation with the Orbit Support.
Updates are free of charge when having a valid software maintenance contract. Contact Orbit Sales for more information.

  1. Prepare the update.
  2. Respect the procedure as documented below.
  3. Take your time and work meticulously.


Plan for assistance

Plan your update in consultation with Orbit Support to ensure their availability if required.

Communicate to coworkers

While you're updating, nobody will be able to use the Orbit WebClient and nobody may use the Orbit Desktop Client.
A well-prepared update will take no longer than 15 minutes.

Request Activation Key

Verify the validity of your Activation Key, contact Orbit Sales.
More information about our Online License Activation, see Orbit Online License Activation.

Download Update Package

Download the update package according your product and current product version from the Orbit GT ftp account.
Verify your current version via Orbit Desktop > Main Toolbar > Help > About > Details

  • Login: OrbitSetups
  • Password : OrbitGT!
  • Update package : download corresponding update package

Create Full Backup

  • Backup both Client and Server program folders :
    • <install_folder>/client/program/*
    • <install_folder>/server/program/*
  • Backup the downloaded Update Package.

If assistance is requested Orbit Support will request access to this backup. We do advise to create a proper backup folder :

  • <backup_folder>/<backup_date>/setup/client/program/*
  • <backup_folder>/<backup_date>/setup/server/program/*
  • <backup_folder>/<backup_date>/update_package/<update_package>.zip

Steps to Update from 19.x or 20.x to latest version

Hereby the procedure to update the Orbit Server Setup from version 18.x or 19.x to the latest released version
The procedures to install the previous update is available, see Orbit Publisher and Client/Server Update v.18.

During the update procedure the “Orbit Enterprise service” will need to be removed and re-installed.
Follow all steps precisely.

Stop and Remove Orbit Service

  1. Close all Orbit Desktop Clients.
  2. Verify User Account “Orbit Enterprise Service”.
    Check the “Log On” panel of the Operating System Service “Properties” window. At the end of this update procedure it will be required to change the credentials back to the current configuration!
  3. Stop the Orbit Service.
    • Run batch : <install_folder>/server/program/bin64/ServiceStop.bat.
  4. Remove the Orbit Enterprise Service.
    • Run batch : <install_folder>/server/program/bin64/ServiceRemove.bat.
  5. Verify the Operating System Services and the absence of “Orbit Enterprise Service”.

Update Orbit Client

  1. Delete following folders :
    • <install_folder>/client/program/bin64/
    • <install_folder>/client/program/config/
    • <install_folder>/client/program/jre64/
    • <install_folder>/client/program/software/
    • <install_folder>/client/program/users/
  2. Merge folders and Replace existing files :
    • Copy folder /<update_package>/client/program/
    • Paste into /<install_folder>/client/

Update Orbit Server

  1. Delete following folders :
    • <install_folder>/server/program/bin64/
    • <install_folder>/server/program/jr64/
    • <install_folder>/server/program/log/
    • <install_folder>/server/program/software/
    • <install_folder>/server/program/users/
  2. Merge folders and Replace existing files :
    • Copy folder <update_package>/server/program/
    • Paste into <install_folder>/server/
  3. Rename the license configuration file
    • Rename file : <install_folder>/server/program/system/licenses_vXX.X.ini
    • Into : <install_folder>/server/program/system/licenses_v20.1.ini
  4. Link Admin User of Publisher Console to Admin User of EOS Console.
    • Edit file : <install_folder>/server/program/services/publisher_3dm/service.ini
    • Enter the credentials of an EOS Administrator :
      Parameter=EOSUsername:<EOS Administrator Login>
      Parameter=EOSPassword:<EOS Administrator Password> 
  5. Copy shortcut new Publisher Console
    • Copy file /<update_package>/Orbit 3DM Publisher Console
    • Paste into /<install_folder>/

Install and Start Orbit Enterprise Service

  1. Set Java Memory for Orbit Enterprise Service
    • Edit file :<install_folder>/server/program/bin64/ServiceInstall.bat
    • Copy the values for JAVA_MIN_MEMORY_MB and JAVA_MAX_MEMORY_MB from your back-up :
      set JAVA_MIN_MEMORY_MB=<value> 
      set JAVA_MAX_MEMORY_MB=<value> 
  2. Install the Orbit Service.
    • Run batch : <install_folder>/server/program/bin64/ServiceInstall.bat.
  3. Verify the Operating System Services and the presence of “Orbit Enterprise Service”.
  4. Set User Account “Orbit Enterprise Service”
    Change the service credentials at the “Log On” panel of the Operating System Service “Properties” window to be exactly the same as before update!
  5. Start the Orbit Enterprise Service.
    • Run batch : <install_folder>/server/program/bin64/ServiceStart.bat.
  6. Verify the Operating System Services and the current status “Running” of the “Orbit Enterprise Service”.

Verify Product Activation and Update Admin Workspace

  1. Launch the EOS Console.
    Make sure you logon to the updated EOS Console, check its version displayed on top the logon panel.
  2. Verify the License status of all listed products, see EOS Console > License.
    If the product activation failed, see Orbit Online License Activation.
  3. Add “Orbit Core” extension to the “admin” workspace
    • Go to the “EOS Console” > “Workspaces”.
    • Select the “admin” workspace and toggle the extensions 'Orbit Core' and 'UAS Mapping' on.

Update Publication

For 3DM Publisher, Flash Publications only

  1. Re-publish each Publication to update the version of the Publication to the new version, see EOS Console > Publishers.
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