Orbit MM Flash Web Viewing

This page describes the use of an Orbit Publication in a Web Browser.
A demo environment including some sample Publications can be accessed here : http://demo.orbitgt.com/3d_mapping/.


Open Publication

Open Publication at default startup position :
http://<server name>:<port>/publications/<publication name>/

  • The Url is case sensitive, exact spelling and syntax are required.
  • The Publication Url can have multiple variations or a different syntax, contact your administrator for more information.
  • A Publication is opened at the preset start-up location and configurations defined by the administrator.

Open Publication at XY :
http://<server name>:<port>/publications/<publication name>/?x=<X-coordinate>&y=<Y-coordinate>&crs=<EPSG code>

  • coordinates : Dot “.” must be used as decimal separator for coordinates.
  • crs : optional tag to define the EPSG code of the entered coordinates. If no crs is set the Publication crs will be used.

Open Publication at PhotoId
http://<server name>:<port>/publications/<publication name>/?photoId=<project>/<run>/<photo id>

  • The Project, Run and Photo ID can be reviewed from the Image Metadata Window, see below “Photo View Toolbar”.

Map Component

Panorama Component

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