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 +====== Orbit 3DM Plugins =====
 +At start-up, a new tab in the standard browser is opened from the plugin in the GIS software. If there is no browser opened yet on the computer, than a new browser window will be launched. The connection to the Orbit 3D Mapping HTML5 Viewer happens via WebSocket. \\
 +The welcome page lets the user choose between three options:
 +  * Sign in to 3D Mapping Cloud: After sign-in, the [[201:​products:​3dm_viewer_cloud|3D Mapping Cloud Viewer]] from this user's account is opened.\\
 +  * Sign in to 3DM Publisher: First login to a server location with URL and login credentials,​ than choose a publication from the drop-down menu.
 +  * I have a token or URL: Open a publication using its token or URL. The publication is only accessible if the publication is shared with guest users and the amount of guest users is not yet succeeded. ​
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