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Create Grid

This page describes the desktop tool “Create Grid”.

Tools > Create grid


The Create Grid tool enables creating a grid using the resource spatial bounds. The cell size can be defined via the width and height.


Set the source file or the source directory.

  • When activating the option source file, it is possible to drag and drop the resource file inside the entry field.
  • When using a source directory, the ovf, ovt and opc resource files are selected as resources file.


Set the target file and directory.

  • Browse to the directory or drag and drop the folder into the target field.
  • Optionally when target file already exists, overwrite the existing file.
  • Optionally when processing is completed, add optimized resource automatically to the dataset list.


Set the size of the grid cells:

  • Width
  • Height

Or set the number of cells [] x []

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