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Orbit 3D Mapping Viewer Log file

This page documents how to prepare and save the Browser Console Log for 3D Mapping Viewer.
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Request Support

Log files contain valuable information about ongoing processes and might be requested by the Orbit support team to troubleshoot a problem.

When contacting the Orbit support team.
Provide a complete and clear description of your problem. Add screenshots to document the issue and attach a clean log file as described below.

Clean Log

Create a clean log file.
Restart the application and reproduce immediately the issue:

  1. Open the Browser Console
  2. Empty Cache and Hard Reload the webpage to re-open the Orbit 3D Mapping Viewer
  3. Save and e-mail log file

Google Chrome

Steps to create the Console log from Google Chrome:

  1. From the right-upper corner : Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools
  2. Open Console Tab
  3. From the left-upper corner: Right-click page refresh > Empty Cache and Hard Reload
  4. Reproduce the issue
  5. Right-click the logging in the Console Tab > Save As
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