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Orbit Desktop Log file

This page documents how to prepare a clean log file for Orbit Desktop Products.
Other log files:

Provide clean log file to request support

Log files contain valuable information about ongoing processes and might be requested by the Orbit support team to troubleshoot a problem. This log file contains all actions of the last started Orbit session. Restarting Orbit will remove the previous log file and create a new one.

When contacting Orbit Support.
  • Provide the complete and clear description of your problem.
  • Add screenshots to document the issue.
  • Attach the clean log file as described below.

Steps to create a clean log file

  1. Restart Orbit Desktop and/or Orbit EOS Service
  2. Reproduce the issue immediately, avoid doing any additional steps and actions.
  3. Close Orbit Desktop
  4. E-mail log file

Get Log File

The Orbit Desktop “Orbit.log” file is stored in the operating system temp folder.

Open via

  • Orbit interface : Main Toolbar > Help > Open Logfile …
  • Windows Explorer (useful if Help menu cannot be opened) : %temp%/Orbit.log
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