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Contour Lines

This page describes how use the extension “Contour Lines”.

Feature Extraction Basic - Standard - Pro, Publisher Client
Main Toolbar > Extensions > Contour Lines

The “Contour Lines” extension makes it possible to create a dataset with contour lines from a point cloud dataset.


Contour lines vector file
Creating a contour lines dataset based on an Orbit Point Cloud produces a vector file containing contour lines with a consecutive distance.
The target dataset can easily be exported to any supported vector format.

Files & folders
All created files and folders are saved in a new folder <name-of-opc-file>.contourlines inside the “pointcloud” folder of the run.


Select Pointcloud Dataset
Displays the available opc files in the Dataset List, from which to choose the one on which the contour lines while be creating when pressing Calculate.

File menu drop-down
Choose where you want to store the Contour Lines results. A project represents an automatically created destination folder inside your runs pointcloud folder.
For each Contour Line extraction a new project will be created. Writing new data in an existing project will overwrite existing data in that folder.
Options to create a new project, open a recent project, close or delete a project are available.


Adjust consecutive distance of the contour lines (in metres).

Press to start the Contour lines generation.

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