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Create New Symbols Dataset

The Orbit Desktop wizard “Create New Symbols Dataset” makes it possible to create a new symbols dataset and add it to the current Workspace.

Dataset List > + > New symbols dataset


Dynamic Symbols provide symbol choice, size and orientation to be set for each individual object. Dynamic Symbols are created using Point objects and a Legend reading symbol parameters from attribute values.
Dataset and Legend must be kept together.

By defining a symbol dataset, a graphic representation of each object is stored as attribute.

Basically, point objects are dynamically drawn not only by a legend, but also by their proper attribute values. To do so, the legend uses the indication 'direct link' which can be technically applied on each graphic parameter. See Classification via Direct Link.


Requirements before creating a Symbol Dataset

  • A dataset with a point model. If you would like to create one see Create New Vector Dataset.
  • A symbol library to display the points on the map, see Orbit Symbol Library.
  • The point model of the dataset requires 3 attributes. Each of these attributes(name, size and orientation) will affect directly the appearance of the point object.The required attributes can be prepared in advance or added to the dataset while creating the symbol dataset.

The wizard has 3 steps :


  • Select the point model of your new dataset (as we explained earlier)
  • Select de symbol library you wish to use to display your points on the map


In this step you can choose within 2 options

  • Add required attributes to model:
    • Choose the attribute set in which the 3 attributes for name, orientation and size will be added.
    • Orbit GIS will automatically add the attributes in your dataset and link them direct to the legend display of the points
    • Name linked to the symbol name in the symbol library
    • Orientation linked to the orientation of the symbol
    • Size linked to the size of the symbol
  • Choose attributes for use with symbols
    • Tick the 3 attributes and choose for each one the corresponding attribute from the attribute set.
    • For the attribute orientation you can choose between calculations in degrees (DEG), radians (RAD) and grades(GON).
    • For the size you can choose between display in Metres on Scale on the map, MM on paper in a print or Points on screen.


  • The legend will be saved in the Orbit legend file (.olg) as a direct link legend.
  • When you choose “add a set of attributes” in step 2 you will have the following options :
    • Save dataset: The added attributes AND legend will be saved to your dataset
    • Save dataset as: Save the dataset with added attributes AND legend to another dataset.

Create Objects in a Symbol dataset

To create new symbols (point objects) on the map :

  1. flag the record indicator in the dataset list of the required dataset
  2. go to the Edit Tools
  3. and use the New Symbol function to create new objects on the map.

    More information on Place Symbol Window
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