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Orbit Vector File Tiled

The Orbit Vector Tiled file (*.ovt) is Orbit's native tiled vector file storage format.
An OVT stores object geometry, attribute information and indexes on both components.


An OVT has similar data structure capabilities as the Orbit Vector File. Additionally both spatial and attribute component are indexed.
An OVT is read only.

Reason to use

The OVT is optimized for fast viewing and querying of vector data. The format is read only and platform independent.
An OVT is extremely powerful in combination with dataset scale range limits to handle large vector resources in the most efficient way using a minimum of memory and cpu. It is no issue to load a resource over 5 GB file size, having more than 5,000,000 objects.

Create and Update

  • Create by export datasets, see Context Menu
  • Create by export selection, see Object Inspector
  • To Update, export OVT to OVF, make changes and export back to OVT.

Legend and Georeference

The resource can be accompanied by an Orbit Legend File and Orbit Resource Descriptor.

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