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Orbit Construction File

OCF stands for Orbit Construction File and is a file format (filename extension .ocf) developed by Orbit Geospatial Technologies for saving created constructions in a file. Constructions are tools are used to help the user calculate and position exact locations.


An OCF consists out of some Construction Objects.There are 2 types of construction tools : Points and Lines. See more on: Constructions Overview

Reasons to use

  • A construction can be temporary or can be stored in a OCF file
  • Since Orbit constructions are georeferenced, they remember exact positions and can be exchanged with other Orbit users.

Create and Update

  • create a new construction file from : Map 2D > Tools > Cons > File Access > New Constructions. Don't forget to save your constructions as an OCF file
  • update a construction file from : Map 2D > Tools > Cons > File Access > Open. Don't forget to save your updates.
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