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Orbit Offline Installation

This page describes the specific case to download and install an Orbit Desktop or Server product with Offline License Validation.
Regular use and install, see Orbit Desktop Installation.

Terms and Conditions

Orbit GT applies an online activation for all products. All software must connect to the Orbit Online License Service to start and enable proper operation. Situations in which the Orbit Online License Service cannot be reached the software cannot be started or ongoing use will terminated.

Only upon specific request and with proper motivation, a Hardware Bind License Key to operate the software can be provided.
These are the conditions upon such exceptional grant can be given :

  • Use strictly reserved to Governmental agencies in relation to Public Safety.
  • Customer writes letter to Orbit GT with funded motivation why a Hardware Bind License Key is required.
    Orbit GT must reply with written confirmation, if agreed. Orbit GT is free to refuse any request.

If use of Hardware Bind License Key is approved, additional Terms and Conditions must be respected.
These are the conditions to which a customer must comply without exception :

  • License Key Agreement must be signed by the customer before license can be granted.
  • Supplementary license fee of 20% of the standard product price.
  • Product and supplementary license fee must be fully paid before license can be granted.
  • License Key is valid for 1 year.
    A new License Key will be provided each year, upon request, if terms and conditions are respected.
    A Maintenance Contract is mandatory.
  • License Key cannot be de-authorized.
    The software cannot be moved to another machine unless at time of the yearly License Key renewal.
  • Installation on Virtual Machines, Parallel Desktop or alike is forbidden.
  • Customer must allow a yearly visit by Orbit GT or its representative to assure conditions are met.
  • If any non-compliant situations are detected, cost of fine will be minimal three times the purchase price of the software at hand.


Request your download from


Install as described for products using an Online Activation :

Request Offline License

Desktop Products

  1. Start Orbit
    If you do not have a valid License, the License Manager window will pop-up.
    Otherwise, open this window from the Main Toolbar “Help” menu.
  2. License Manager Window
    1. Flag the “Request” checkbox of the listed products in the overview table.
    2. Click the “Request License” button.
    3. You will be redirected to the Online License Request Confirmation page.
  3. Request Offline License
    1. Copy and email the entire url of the opened web page to
    2. When your License Request is processed, you will receive an email containing the Offline License String.
      Requests are processed during office hours (9AM - 5PM CET).

Validate Product

Complete validation as for production installation using an Online Activation.
Use the received Offline License String to activate and validate product use.

More Information

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