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Trial and Demo Licenses

This page describes the license restrictions applicable to products activated by a Trial or Demo Activation Key.
Documentation about the Online License Activation system, see Orbit Online License Activation.

License Restrictions

In general

Trial and Demo licences have equal capabilities as full licences, except for limitation in time and the below listed limitations on writing (export) and sharing of created resources.

Limited export to Native Orbit Storage Formats only

Trial or Demo licensed products cannot create or export to supported 3rd party storage formats.
In other words, Trial or Demo licensed Orbit Products can create and export only to Orbit's native file-based storage formats1).

Limited sharing of Demo or Trial restricted Resources

Orbit resources2) created by a Trial or Demo licensed product cannot be opened by a Full licensed version, nor used by 3D Mapping Cloud.
In other words, Full licensed Orbit Products can only open Resources created by Full licensed Orbit.

Resources created by a Full licensed product can be used by Trial or Demo licensed products.
There is no restriction to read supported 3rd party storage formats.

Get your Activation Key

Please contact Sales at Orbit GT to request a Trial or Demo license.

Desktop Products

Orbit GT provides free Trial Licenses for testing purposes to known contacts.
Only Authorized Resellers can request Demo Licenses.

3DM Publisher

Proper training is required for a successful installation and configuration. Consequently, Orbit GT doesn't provide Trial or Demo licenses for 3DM Publisher.
Only Authorized Resellers can request Demo Licenses.

A trial Publication of 3DM Publisher is available here,

3D Mapping Cloud

A paid subscription is required to upload resources.
Trial Publications of 3D Mapping Cloud are available here,

*.ovf, *.ovt, *.omi, *.opc
Both mapping resources Mobile Mapping Run, Oblique Mapping Project, UAS Mapping Run as file-based resources *.ovf, *.ovt, *.omi, *.opc
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