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3D Mapping Cloud Upload Tool : Import

Cloud Upload Tool
Top Toolbar > Import

The Import menu is available for “Mobile Mapping”, “Oblique Projects” and “UAS Mapping” products.

Import Run

Import Mobile Mapping, UAS Mapping Runs and Oblique Projects.

Add Run

Add a ready to use Orbit Run as available Run

  • Add one or folder containing multiple ready to use Orbit Runs to the application's list of available Runs.
  • The original data doesn't need to be re-processed.
  • The Add Run procedure is the only way to get mobile mapping data into an Orbit MM Explorer.

Add Run Procedure

  • Run
    Browse and select the orbit_mm_run.omr file in the root directory of the Orbit run folder.
    For runs of version 1, select the select the panorama_positions.ovf
  • Name
    The name of the Run as on disk is used automatically after selecting the omr file. This name can no longer be changed to avoid any confusion or mistakes due to a different names on disk and in Orbit.

Optimize Imagery

Tabs: Mobile Mapping and UAS Mapping

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