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Query Objects

Use the “Query Objects” tool to find objects by defining an exact condition: unlike the find object tool, here it is possible to define in which attribute there has to be searched and in which dataset. With the find object tool the entered value will be searched in every attribute and in every dataset/the visible dataset/selected dataset (depending of the chosen settings).

Go to selection to read on about the other ways to select objects.

Open the window by opening the Map 2D Selection menu and choose “Query Objects …”.

Build Query Conditions

Query in Model
Specify here in which model the query has to be executed.
Build Query Conditions
Build Conditions Add New ConditionAfter pressing this button, a new condition is added to the query. This condition can than be adjusted. It is possible to add multiple conditions to the query. Determine the logical combination by setting AND/OR.
Update ConditionUpdate the selected condition. The selected condition appears highlighted with a smoothly darker background in the query.
RemoveRemove the selected condition.
Edit This Condition Choose AttributeSelect an attribute from the drop-down list.
Choose OperatorChoose an operator from the drop-down list.
Enter a ValueEnter a value by typing one or choose an option below.
Choose a Value Select a Value from Selected ObjectUse the attribute value from the selected object in the mapcanvas.

Select a Value from the Attribute TableA new window will open with all attributes values from the selected model, select one of them.
Add a * wildcardWhen the attribute used in the condition is of type “string”, it is possible to add a wildcard (*).
View Attributes StatisticsPress this button to view the attributes statistics.
Run Query
Run Query Press this button when the query is finished. Orbit GIS will execute the query and return the results in the query result tab that opens automatically.
Clear Press this button to clear the query and the results and to start all over.
New Query
Clears the current query.
Open Query From File
Opens a *.oqf-file. The model for which the query was made, has to be present in the Datasets & Dataset Lists.
Save Query To File
Saves the query to an *.oqf-file.
Save Query to Other File

Query Result

In the “Query Result” tab, all query results are listed in an embedded Object Inspector. The same tools are available, but remember that these objects are not selected, they are only the result of the “Query”-process. It is possible to browse through the result list and select objects. See Object list tools and spatial content.

The Object Selection Tools are explained here.

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