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Map 2D Navigate functions

This page describes the Orbit desktop Map 2D functions to navigate.

Compass Rose

The Compass Rose gives direct access to the frequently used map navigation functions : pan, pan in single direction, zoom and rotate the map.

  • 1 : pan, single click activates the pan function.
  • 2 : fix direction pan, single click shifts the map by 1/4.
  • 3, 4 : zoom in or out, single click zooms with factor 2.
  • 5 : rotate, single click activates the rotate function, double click resets rotation back to north (confirm and deactivate via pan).

Pan Function

Use the pan function to move the map. A simple pan moves the map center but retains its scale and orientation.

Map 2D > Compass Rose > Hand
Map 2D > Navigation menu > Pan

  • Single click : center map to the clicked location.
  • Double click : center and zoom in (factor 2) to the clicked location.
  • Click and drag : move the map.
  • Click and drag + <Ctrl> : similar as “Zoom Smart”, see below.

Special pan functions :

  • Pan in single direction using compass rose, see above.
  • Pan via map context menu, see Map Context Menu.
  • Pan via “Zoom Smart”, see below.

Zoom Function

Use one of the zoom functions to zoom in or out on the map. A simple zoom adjusts the map scale but retains its center and orientation.

Map 2D > Navigation menu > Zoom In / Out / Smart

Zoom In / Zoom Out

  • Click and drag : zoom to defined area.
  • Double click : center and zoom in (factor 2) to the clicked location.

Zoom Smart

  • Click and drag : zoom in/out but retain map center.
  • Click and drag + <Ctrl> : similar as “Pan”, see above.

Special zoom functions :

  • Zoom via mouse wheel gives direct access at all time to zoom in or out the map to the mouse pointer location according the map zoom preferences.
  • Zoom via “Compass Rose”, see above.
  • Zoom via map context menu, see Map Context Menu.
  • Zoom Smart via “Pan”, see above.

Rotate Function

Use the rotate function to rotate the map around its center. A simple rotate updates the map orientation but retains center and scale.

Map 2D > Compass Rose > North indicator Single click / Double click
Map 2D > Navigation menu > Rotate / Rotate to North

Activate the rotate function and click outside the blue overlay on map and drag to rotate the map. Click inside and drag to rotate the map and zoom.
Confirm and deactivate the rotate function via a single clik on pan (compass rose).
Reset to map rotation to north via a double click the compass rose north indicator or using according navigation menu function

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