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Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction C/S

Reference documentation of Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Standard in Client/Server.

Set up a production unit with a teammanager and several operators in a floating license structure. The teammanager is responsible for importing and preparing the mobile mapping data, the workflow setup, data management, export of themes and database, and control of all operators. The operators on the other hand can work together in teams sharing all their resources : mobile mapping data, themes, visualization, permissions and many more. Elements are extracted in a central data storage environment which means real-time adjustments for all operators!

The 3DM Feature Extraction Standard in Client-Server is installed on premises combines technically following Orbit components :

Orbit Server Orbit Desktop Client
Orbit EOS Server
3DM Feature Extraction in Client-Server
Orbit Desktop Client
3DM Feature Extraction Standard

The Orbit EOS Server manages Datasets, Databases, Users and Workspaces.
The Orbit Desktop allows advanced Feature Extraction. It also prepares, imports and optimizes GIS and Mobile Mapping resources.

Installation & Concepts

Orbit Server