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Orbit Desktop Log file

This page describes information related to the desktop (standalone and client) log file.
For EOS Server logging, see Orbit Enterprise Service.

Request Support

Orbit Log files contain valuable information about all ongoing processes and will be requested by the Orbit support team on troubleshooting.

When contacting the Orbit support team.
Provide a complete and clear description of your problem. Add screenshots to document the issue and attach a clean log file as described below.

Clean Log

On troubleshooting a Clean Logfile will be requested :

  1. Restart the Orbit Desktop or Server Service
  2. Reproduce directly the problem
  3. Close Orbit and e-mail log file

Get Log File

The Orbit Desktop Orbit.log file is stored in the operating system temp folder.
This log file contains all actions of the last started Orbit session. Restarting Orbit will remove the previous log file and create a new one.

Get file :

  • Via Orbit interface : Main Toolbar > Help > About > Details > Open Logfile
  • Via Windows Explorer, useful if Help menu cannot be opened : %temp%/Orbit.log
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