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Publisher License and Logging


The Orbit 3DM Publisher license can be restricted on the image throughput volume or the amount of concurrent users.

Throughput Volume
The maximum amount of panorama images served within one minute.
The Publisher counts the images that have been requested and served successfully within the last ongoing 60 seconds. Not the number of concurrent users nor the used client application are taken into account. More information contact info at orbitgt dot com.

Concurrent Users
The maximum amount of concurrent users at any time.
A unique user is the combination of hardware ID and Orbit login. Using different Orbit user logins on the same computer will count for multiple concurrent users.
A user will be released after 15 minutes inactivity.

If you would have any question about Publisher licenses, contact sales at orbitgt dot com.

Client Notification

If the Publisher license capacity is exceeded, the user will be informed :

Throughput Volume
If the image throughput volume is exceeded a “Waiting…” message will be displayed in the center of the image view.
The WebClient will retry automatically 3 times with a 5 seconds interval to get the image.

If the capacity is still exceed after these 15 seconds the message below will be displayed to the user :
“The server reports a demand higher than it capacity
You may wish to notify the service provider.”

A “Try Again” button allows the user to launch manually a new image request.

Concurrent Users
If the number of concurrent users is exceeded the message below will be displayed to the user on login :
“Failed to login due to license restrictions.”

Server Logging

The administrator can activate and configure advanced logging for the 3DM Publisher to get exact information about the use, publication access, user logins, concurrent sessions and throughput volume of the Publisher. The logging database allows the administrator to review the publisher's license consumption. Logging will be performend into the database of your choice.

Activate and configure logging via the EOS Console > Current Use> 3DM Publisher

Unique Logins

It is possible to restrict publication access to unique users to protect a publication to be used on multiple hardware (client computers) but using the same publication login (username), see EOS Console > Publishers > Login.

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