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What's New - Version 18.1.3

This page summarizes what's new to the Orbit product portfolio version 18

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July 2018.

Released products

  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Basic, Standard, Pro
  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Client/Server
  • Orbit 3DM Content Manager
  • Orbit 3DM Cloud Upload Tool
  • Orbit 3DM Blur & Erase QC, Production
  • Orbit 3DM Publisher

Desktop and Server Products

New Features

  • Semi-automated breakline\separation extraction based on color differences (Standard, Pro)
  • Possibility to export to following formats: GPX, KML, KMZ, OXF.
  • Circular measurement in vertical plane.
  • Added new Measure attributes formulas for all existing measurements.

Enhancements and Usabilities

  • Improved detection of road-markings and fences
  • Circular measurements are now grouped separately from area measurements.
  • Improved support of *.las,*.laz and *.e57 formats.
  • Ghost Cleaning can be run now on the bigger areas.
  • Clash Detection result ops contains point cloud points corresponding to hits or watch list definition and doesn't contain inner area points anymore.
  • Store and export Clash Detection resources in the same CRS as source point cloud.
  • Measure Attribute button in the Asset Inventory opens Measure Sidebar.
  • Filter and Search using “Null” for empty attributes.
  • Auto Clear the measurement after Copy to Feature.
  • Opening Oblique project opens Oblique extension Sidebar.
  • Added Oblique settings in Preferences.
  • Oblique images are opening by default in the Oblique Tab.

Bug fixes

  • Ghost cleaning couldn't be run on a point cloud in geographical CRS.
  • Adding asset inventory saved in a database triggers unnecessary database queries.
  • Number of issues related to usage of vertical CRSs (orthometric heights).
  • Optimize imagery reporting successful finish while some images were not optimized.
  • Measure attribute button doesn't open measure sidebar.
  • Next/Previous image is not working for Planar opened via Spherical Image.
  • Number of issues related to Vertical\Compound CRSs.
  • Creating snapshots from planar images failed.
  • 3DM Cloud Upload tool: refresh was not updating the Upload percentage.
  • 3DM Cloud Upload tool: data volume display was formatting incorrectly.
  • 3DM Cloud Upload tool: resource upload was sometimes incomplete even though the status indicated full upload.
  • 3DM Cloud Upload tool: “Update” resources kept status on uploading even after completing.

HTML5 Viewer

  • Added Annotations symbol library.
  • Support of the languages other than English and Dutch.
  • How-to-use Guidelines are displayed on start-up.
  • Added possibility of flexible search by attributes (checkbox “Exact match”).
  • New Oblique, Horizontal, Vertical and Tiled layouts.
  • Open Oblique Image View on the opening of Oblique Publication.
  • Set startup coordinates via publication URL.
  • MM Resource visibility is now taken into account when searching for the best image to open.
  • Fixed various CRS related bugs.

3D Mapping Cloud


May 2018.

Released products

  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Basic, Standard, Pro
  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Client/Server
  • Orbit 3DM Content Manager
  • Orbit 3DM Cloud Upload Tool
  • Orbit 3DM Blur & Erase QC, Production

Desktop and Server Products

New Products

  • 3DM free Cloud Upload Tool

New Features

  • Semi-automatic fence extraction measurement. (Pro only)
  • Semi-automatic central line of a railway measurement added to the railway detector.
  • 3D circular arc measurement based on 3 measured coordinates (all)

Enhancements and Usabilities

  • Improved representation of the planar images overlayed with spherical
  • Improved import of photo positions from nested xml tags
  • Added Copy, Clear and Paste functionality for the simplified Asset Inventory attribute table
  • On Export of a file, export format needs to be specified only once now via file selection window (convert option will be updated accordingly)
  • Split dataset by Attribute Set

Bug fixes

  • Ridge detection doesn't go to infinite loop anymore.
  • Oblique follow zoom was not working if first view was not initiated.
  • Using vertical CRS on import of the Run returned wrong CRS code


April 1st 2018 and patched on April 16th 2018.

Released products

  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Basic, Standard, Pro
  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Client/Server
  • Orbit 3DM Content Manager
  • Orbit 3DM Publisher
  • Orbit 3DM Cloud

Desktop and Server Products

New Features

  • Measurements using DEM intersection from any 3D Mapping image, e.g street-level spherical images.
  • Measurements using Point Cloud from oblique images.
  • Recent used measurement functions are saved and presented separately
  • Import of photo positions from xml

Enhancements and Usabilities

  • Support for Esrci ArcgisOnline WMTS resources.
  • Support for Nasa WMS and WMTS resources.
  • Project label field for all extensions managed by projects, e.g. volumes, profiles, ghost cleaning, … .
  • Ghost cleaning settings of opened project are re-used for new ghost cleaning projects.
  • Usability update on ghost cleaning sidebar, cfr other point cloud processing extensions.

Bug fixes

  • Attribute values (distance XY and Distance Z) derived from mobile mapping measurements were incorrect (patched, bug since 18.0.6).
  • Custom and local vertical crs definition were no longer listed in the CRS selection Window. (bug since 18.0.6)
  • Object Attribute Formula UniqueId didn't create a new UniqueId when using the duplicate by Parallel function.
  • Update of point cloud crs definition was not applied immediately, the resources needed to be re-openend manually.
  • Oblique follow zoom was not working if no north viewing oblique image was available.
  • Highlight of ghost cleaning selection was not applied on all point cloud multi-resolution levels.


  • Updated HTML5 webclient for 3DM Publisher on-premises (in parallel with 3DM Cloud):
    • new measurement functions
    • overlay and selection of vector data (GIS/CAD)
    • available attribute fields for measurements
    • advanced point cloud legend options
    • displays point cloud in Stereo (Anaglyph viewing and Stereo Side-by-Side setups)
    • auto-play function for spherical imagery
    • oblique view 360 degree rotation
    • move and navigate in spherical imagery by single click, shift-click and ctrl-click
    • Google search option
    • added screen styles
    • annotation sidebar
    • inspector sidebar

3D Mapping Cloud


March 1st 2018.

Released Products

  • Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Basic, Standard, Pro
  • Orbit 3DM Content Manager
  • Orbit 3DM Cloud

Desktop Products

Enhancements and Usabilities

  • On the fly calculated system Photo CRS are no longer available from the CRS selection window.
  • Source File option is set as default Source option for convert and optimize vector, image and point cloud resources.
  • Open Oblique Project from the Administrator procedure group.
  • Image link file can be used to get original oblique images for processing of footprints or optimizing images.
  • Oblique project can be replaced if opening of the projected failed.
  • Create delivery of multiple runs having no unique image names.
  • Continuous image navigation is removed as mobile mapping preferences. Only relevant and available for UAS.
  • Mapping Runs or Projects are saved in restored in a workspace.
  • Asset inventory object Id is added to the snapshost.csv export.
  • Nadir image is rendered immediately, an additional pan or zoom is no longer required.
  • Timestamp Min and Max value is added for each mapping resource in the to Catalog Inspector sidebar.
  • Import Photo Positions on Map 3D display incorrect failure message.


  • Point Height and Point Drop to reference plane measurements cannot be copied to point feature datasets.
  • Export dataset via Dataset List in Map 3D doesn't open the corresponding Convert tool sidebar.
  • A limited subset of features is loaded from slow responding WFS layers.
  • None inventory items are deleted when extracting new inventory item.
  • In particular cases, object snapping is not applied for semi-automated ridge measurements.

3D Mapping Cloud


February 1st 2018.

  • Mapping Run metadata.xml can be accessed by 3DM Publisher installed on Linux.
  • Confirmation is requested to delete Vector Dataset Attribute Set.
  • Attribute formula is deleted when setting rule to “No Rule”. 1).
  • Mapping Run having Panorama Ortho can be consolidated.
  • Custom snapshot can be added via asset inventory simplified procedure.
  • Next and Clear asset inventory objects is available while measuring attribute values.
  • Objects added to Inventory Themes using the regular dataset Copy To Feature function are no longer deleted re-using the Inventory Theme procedures.


January 1st 2018.

  • Attribute measurements can be started in Asset Inventory Simplified procured.
  • Keystroke to switch measure mode is added.
  • Resource can be uploaded to specified data center.


December 5th 2017.

  • Support for Resource Groups in Html5 WebClient


November 24th 2017.

  • Support for inverted CRS in Html5 WebClient
  • Set units (Foot, Meter, Yard) for relative measurements in Html5 WebClient


November 12th 2017.
Release of 3DM Publisher.

  • Continue and snap to line measurements


October 27th 2017.
Release of 3DM Desktop Products

  • Project point cloud legend by visible range on distance or height was defined by the visible range of the first run only.
  • A very wide vertical rectangular area measurement could not be measured correctly by 2 coordinates.
  • The Asset Inventory exported Theme snapshot file contained duplicate Object records depending the number of Object snapshots.
  • Dataset Attribute Display Names were incorrect when using Russian system language.
  • Runs selected for the previously created project retained selected upon Create New Project.
  • Ghost cleaning on larger point cloud datasets failed.

Updated Product Portfolio

  • Mobile Mapping (Outdoor and Indoor), Oblique Mapping and UAS Mapping products are merged into a single 3D Mapping Product Portfolio.
  • Contour Lines, Ground Control Points, Profiles & Cross Sections and Volumetric Analysis extensions are added to Feature Extraction Basic and Standard.

Merged Product Portfolio

Simplified and stronger product portfolio.
Hereby an overview of the product names and release date planning.

Version 18 Previous Versions Release Planning
3DM Content Manager MM Content Manager 16-Oct-17
3DM Feature Extraction Basic MM Feature Extraction Basic
MM Manager
Oblique Basic
UAS Mapping
3DM Feature Extraction Standard MM Feature Extraction Standard
MM Asset Inventory Bundle
Oblique Feature Extraction
Indoor Mapping Feature Extraction
3DM Feature Extraction Standard C/S MM Feature Extraction Standard C/S
MM Feature Production
MM Asset Inventory Bundle C/S
November 2017
3DM Feature Extraction Pro MM Feature Extraction Pro
MM Feature Extraction Full Bundle
January 2018
3DM Publisher MM Publisher
Oblique Publisher
3DM Blur and Erase QC MM Blur and Erase QC 30-Oct-17
3DM Blur and Erase Production MM Blur and Erase Production 30-Oct-17
Discontinued MM Explorer
Oblique Explorer

Review full feature list and product comparison of version 18.0.

New Features and Enhancements

Desktop Core

  • Single measure controller that can be used on Map 3D, Slice View, Oblique, Mobile and UAS Mapping Views.
  • Edit vector object of regular dataset in 3D2).
  • Support and integration of laszip tools for reading laszip version 1.4.
  • Support and integration of MrSID 9 SDK, with support for MrSID Generation 4 files (MG4).
    View and decode MG4 files containing both raster and LiDAR data, in addition to MrSID Generation 3, MrSID Generation 2, and JPEG 2000 files. This version adds performance improvements so your images render even faster.
  • Cluster gap size can be set to query points used by 3D Hover.
  • Resources converted into a storage format different from an Orbit file format can no longer be added automatically the the workspace dataset list to prevent the application of freezing due to reading none-indexed or none-optimized resources.

Desktop Mapping Extensions

  • Process ortho photo from panoramas projected on a horizontal surface at ground height or on the 3D point cloud reference.
  • Search and filter oblique projects to open.
  • Measurement overlays are visible on Asset Inventory snapshots if overlays are included.


Usabilities and Bug-fixes

In a perfect world there are no issues… Despire the fact that we're doing everything we can, there's no such thing as a perfect world.
We thank our users for reporting usability issues and bugs. Your input to improve Orbit software is highly appreciated.
All reported bugs will always be fixed in the first upcoming update3). Below you can find an overview of customer reported issues, by version.

Previously the Formula needed to be set to “no-formula”
In previous version only Asset Inventory Items could be edited in 3D
Version feature close, 2 moths prior to the product's release date.
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