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Manage your Oblique Projects

This page describes the desktop oblique administration procedures to manage your Oblique Projects :

  • Add Project
  • Remove Project
  • Open Project
  • Close Project

It is strongly recommended to read first Understand Oblique data in Orbit.

Add Project

Add a project

Sometimes it is necessary to add a project that was removed from the list of available projects.
This will add a prepared, already processed Orbit Oblique project.

Procedure > Procedures > Oblique > Add Project
Extensions > Oblique > File > Add project..

Remove Project

Remove a project

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a project from the list of available projects.
Removing a project will not delete the actual data.

Procedure > Procedures > Oblique > Remove Project
Extensions > Oblique > File > Remove project..

Open Project

Open an imported project / recent project

A successfully imported Obliques Project is available for operators for viewing via the “Open Project” or “Recent Project” procedure.
Choose a project from the list and Open project.

Procedure > Oblique > Open Project
Extensions > Oblique > File > Open project.. Extensions > Oblique > File > Recent project

Only 1 Oblique project can be opened at the same time. Opening a project will close the previous one.

Close Project

Close an opened project

Sometimes it is necessary to close a project in order to refresh edits and open it again.

Procedure > Oblique > Close Project
Extensions > Oblique > File > Close project..

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