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Oblique Data Preparation and Import Templates

This page gives an overview on the Orbit oblique mapping import templates and how to prepare your data for import.
It is strongly recommended to read first Understand Oblique data in Orbit.

Orbit imports Supported Oblique Resources into an Orbit Oblique Project using intelligent Import Templates.

An Orbit import template is a predefined set configurations, containing all technical details of the oblique mapping system. A template is exactly configured according a given setup, used sensors and available resources. This technique simplifies and standardizes the workflow to import a well known set of oblique resources.

Add your Template to Orbit

The generic and Visionmap templates are by default available after installation.

To add your own custom import template :

  1. Copy the template to following directory
    <Orbit installation directory>/program/ext/obliques/project/template/
  2. Restart Orbit
  3. Select and use template via Import Project.

Generic Templates

Company Prepare Data CRS Download
Generic Prepare Oblique data for Generic Import Photo positions, DTM projected Default available

Vendor Adapted Templates

Company Prepare Data CRS Download
VisionMap Prepare Oblique Data VisionMap A3 Merged oblique frames (*.ecw), dtm any
Merged oblique frames (*.tif), dtm any
TrackeAir - Midas Prepare Oblique Data Midas 4 cameras, DTM projected
Cicade Prepare Oblique Data Cicade 4 cameras, DTM projected

Custom Templates

In addition to the above listed Vendor Adapted Templates, Custom Templates can be created to import any combination of supported Oblique resources.
A Custom Import Template according your system simplifies all future imports.

For basic template configurations, see Orbit Mapping Resources - Structure and Configs.
Contact sales at orbitgt dot com to request assistance on creating your own Customized Template.

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