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Dataset Legend Editor

Size Unit

Some graphic parameters require a definition of size unit to be used, for example the symbol size.

Unit Comment
UNIT on scale Size expressed in the coordinate system units on scale. Most probably Meters or degrees.
When zooming in or out the actual size will change to meet the current scale settings, the absolute object size is related to the scale. Or in other words zooming in will enlarge the size, zooming out will reduce the size.
MM on paper Size expressed in Millimeters when printed “on paper”.
Will result in an exact size when printed on paper, regardless the current zoom or scale settings.
POINT on screen Size expressed in Points or Pixels on screen.
Will result in an exact size visible on screen, regardless the current zoom or scale settings.
When displaying vector resources on Mobile Mapping views the point on screen size definition is advised as both other units definitions cannot be calculated for object overlays.
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