This is documentation of an archived release.
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Dataset Structure

The Dataset Structure panel gives access to the structure of the active dataset.
It is strongly recommended to read first Vector Data Structure.

Dataset Context Menu > Dataset Properties > Structure

Dataset Structure Tree

At the lefthand side.
A general overview about the dataset structure, its models, attribute sets and attribute values. Double click the value or single click the down arrow to unfold.

Dataset Naming, Structure, Rules

At the righthand side.


Dataset Structure - Naming

  • Rename Models, Attribute Sets and Attributes.
  • Define special Attributes : Hyperlink, Annotation, Primary and Maptip Attribute.


Dataset Structure - Structure

  • Add and remove Models, Attribute Sets and Attributes.
  • Manage the Spatial Component of Models (Point, Lines or Areas) and its coordinates (2D or 3D).


Dataset Structure - Rules

  • Enable and configure Attribute Valuelist.
  • Activate and select an Attribute Formula.
  • Set minimum required Attribute Value Set.
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