This is documentation of an archived release.
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What's New - Version 17.0

This page summarizes what's new to the mobile mapping portfolio and how to get release 17.0.
Release period : Oktober-November 2016.

How to get?

Updates are free of charge when having a valid software maintenance contract. Contact sales at orbitgt dot com for more information.

New product names

Great update, simple naming .
Hereby an overview of the product names and release date planning.

Product Name 17.0 Name 11.2 Release Planning
MM Content Manager Available
MM Feature Extraction Pro MM Feature Extraction Full Bundle Available
MM Feature Extraction Standard MM Asset Inventory Bundle Available
MM Feature Extraction Standard C/S MM Feature Production
MM Asset Inventory Bundle C/S
MM Feature Extraction Basic MM Feature Extraction Basic Available
MM Blur and Erase Quality Check MM Blur and Erase Available
MM Blur and Erase Production New in 17.0 Available
MM Explorer Available
MM Publisher Available

A detailed overview and product comparison version 17.0, see Orbit MM Feature List & Products Comparison.

New Extensions & Components

  • Ghost cleaning from street level
  • Parallel Extraction
  • Post capture alignment
  • Slice View

New Features, Enhancements & Usabilities

This is the preliminary overview, version 17 includes much more.
Listing will be completed shortly.

Mobile Mapping Resources & Systems

  • Process 360 panorama reference image from planar image groups for facilitated navigation and extraction.
  • Resize image canvas.
  • Quaternion image rotation and orientation model.
  • Display formatting of decimal timestamp values, similar as implemented for integers (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss).
  • Inverse rotation of up and down face of 360 spherical cubic images.
  • Use of any supported image format as original image resource.
  • Optimized performance on applying camera lens distortion parameters.

Mobile Mapping Projects & Catalog

Updates to improve and simplify management of (large) mobile mapping projects.

  • Reduced loading time to list catalog table by optimizing use of archived runs and projects.
  • Reduced loading time to create project.
  • Copy paste runs to an existing project.
  • Filter resource by name to open.
  • Auto-save project configuration to user data.
  • User interface to add run import templates to user data.

Mobile Mapping Image & Point Cloud Viewing

  • View and use 360 panorama reference image from planar image groups for facilitated navigation and extraction.
  • Preference to set number of images to open from Map at all time.
  • Open and focus image view(s) from another mobile mapping image view.
  • Open and focus image view(s) from a Map 3D coordinate.
  • Open and focus image view(s) from from any map scale.
  • Display photo positions hotspots on image view of the according camera only.
  • Updated logical order of mobile mapping view context menu.

Measure, Extract & Inventory

We visited customers, peer over their shoulders on doing intensive feature extraction jobs.
Their valuable input and comments have been used to update the measure, extract and inventory procedures to improve efficiency on every detail.

  • Auto-complete point cloud cloud measurements
    • Single click to get complete ridge, breakline or curbstone.
    • Two clicks to get complete ridge in given direction.
    • Single click to get complete catenary wire between two poles.
    • Single click to get all parallel catenary wires between two poles.
  • Measurement on image only using using reference plane intersection
    • Measurement using horizontal ground reference plane.
    • Measurement using vertical reference planes defined by 2D & 3D area outline and line vector overlays.
  • Snap to measure and vector overlays on Map 3D and Mobile Mapping Image & 3D Point Cloud View
  • Asset inventory auto attribute image id of measurement.
  • Keystrokes for asset inventory attribute editing.
  • Disabled measure functions if not supported by active measure technique (point cloud, forward intersection, reference planes intersection measurement)

Ground Control Points & Trajectory Adjustment

  • Trajectory adjustment by linear interpolation between measured ground control points as alternative for bicubic (curved) interpolation.
  • Reduced loading time to create initial trajectory segment.

Consolidate & Deliver

  • Consolidate and deliver mobile mapping runs without point cloud.

Supported Resources

  • 64bit geoid raster to define orthometric height

Layout Updates

  • Mobile Mapping process imagery

Bug fixes

Bugs, awch… . Over 90% of all reported bugs have been solved.
You didn't report or your bug is not yet fixed, document clearly and report to

Hereby list of reported bugs, solved by version 17.0 :

  • Las point cloud created at delivery export segment.
  • Optimize cubic spherical images.
  • Cancel optimize image process.
  • Combination of spherical and planar images without using point cloud.
  • Asset inventory theme visibility at convert CRS on export.
  • Asset inventory ortho rectified snapshot when using vertical rectangular area measurement.
  • Ground control points multiplication when adding additional ground control point dataset.
  • Number of planar images to open from map.
  • Display of mobile mapping coordinate measurement when using local metric projection of geographical source crs on Map 3D.
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